December 22, 2016


Offerciti is the smart word that every smart customers searches in there smart phones, there are many local stores nearby our offline shops, but we don’t know much about them, and we try to find local offers and local stores with best deals, but we spend much time in finding local offline stores in different marketplaces, and we spent lot of time for local shopping.

Today we have the easy shopping way to find all the best deals and offers in one marketing place, it was friendly and flexible to customers and sellers, and we can save much time and physical stress, it was the beautiful and customer friendly website offerciti, here in this site we can find all the clothing, accessories, beauty products, etc. in nearby offline local offers.

A minute distance to know everything in various marketplaces, by just browsing in offerciti, than standing for hours in the queue or travelling for long distances, we can find offline shopping in just a minute span in our friendly site offerciti, and there are many easy making options to browse our exact customer product with exciting local offers, and as compared with other websites here we are more updated and made easy to customers.

Both the sellers as well as customers will be profiting with this free services in local offers in nearby offline stores, and many sellers can make their best deals available.

Here we have likes and shares, we can choose our interesting product and find the surprising local offers available in the nearby offline store and these whole information can be shared with just a click to our near and dear ones using watsapp, facebook and twitter, so that we can find all the services in offerciti.

Offerciti is consisting of all types of products including beauty, bicycles, and luggage bags. And here we have fashion products like clothing, footwear, sunglasses and watches clocks also. And we have the neediest products that make our home charm with fantastic look including furniture, home appliances. And encouraging our hobbies like reading books were also holding best deal and offers.
Offline shopping can be made easy by online browsing and it will more comfortable and user friendly by Offerciti.


Local Stores Discounts

Local Stores Discounts

Local Stores Discounts